Are you missing out on over £45,000 in a Research & Development Claim?

What is an R & D Claim?

An R&D claim will allow you to mitigate your corporate tax liability or even receive a payable tax credit if your company carries out the qualifying Research and Development activities.

Many companies are missing out on this lucrative tax initiative due to a lack of awareness, is your company one of them?

Your business could potentially claim back up to 33% of its expenditure on Research and Development work.

Is your company eligible for an R&D Claim?

Your business may be eligible to make an R&D claim if your company pays corporate tax, is spending money on qualifying research and development business activities, and is working towards resolving “scientific or technological uncertainty.”

How can we help you with your R&D Claim?

We can help you to check your company eligibility for an R&D claim, talk you through all the requirements and ensure that you are compliant in supplying all requested information and documentation. Our experts will talk you through the entire process and support you in your application.

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