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We have specialists to handle the accounting of your business so that you could free yourself from hassle of accounting work and concentrate on building your empire.  

You will be having a designated person to take care of your regular needs and be part of your journey as well. We will try our best to make your life better with best outcome.

We are offering following services:

  • Year End Accounts
  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Services
  • VAT Returns
  • Companies House Filing
  • Corporate Tax Return

We offer expert UK start-up advice and business plan services to entrepreneurs and aspiring businessmen. We understand the crucial role a well-crafted business plan and pitch deck play in securing funding, attracting investors, and meeting the requirements of UK visas, including the Business Visa, Innovator Visa, and Innovator founder Visa.

Our dedicated team specialist in supporting businesses will assist you in preparing a professional business plan and a pitch deck, that can help with fund acquisition, business loan application, and visa applications. With our deep knowledge and experience, we will guide you in creating a comprehensive and influential business plan that aligns with visa requirements while captivating potential investors and lenders. Trust us to help you navigate the intricate landscape of business startups, funding, and visa applications.

 SEIS & EIS are the UK government initiatives to encourage to investments in an early stage, ‘high-risk’ companies. This is great opportunity for the entrepreneurs to bridge the funding gap as it has substantial tax reliefs for the investors.

EIS focuses on small-to-medium sized start-ups and SEIS on very early-stage businesses.

We are here to help you with every step you take.

Firstly your investor would need to be sure whether your business is fits the eligible criteria. This is what we are for. We will ensure that you have met all the requirements, communicate and submit the application with HMRC on your behalf.

Do you know that you are missing out over pounds 45,000?

R&D schemes allow businesses to mitigate their corporate tax liability if they carry out qualifying R&D or sometimes businesses may even receive a payable tax credit. 

Most of the companies are failing to avail these credits due to lack of awareness.

Your company could reclaim up to 33% of the amount spent on Research and Development. Remember you are still eligible for the credit, even if you make loss

Let’s check few criteria to know if your business is eligible!

  • Is your business helps to resolves ‘scientific or technological uncertainty then its qualified activity?
  • Is your company subject to corporate tax?
  • Are you spending money on qualified activities?

. For more details contact our team

A tax Relief to help the film industries

Do you know that you could be eligible for the film tax credit?

Let’s see if you’re eligible for it!

  • Is your film a British qualified?
  • Is your Film Production Company (FPC) within the UK corporation tax net?

Then Irrespective of budget level, FPC can claim a cash rebate of up to 25% on UK qualifying expenditure and also has a tax Relief of 80% of the core expenditure 

We can help you to get through the procedure seamlessly. 

Venture CFO is a broad level experience advisory who can give practical advice and best solutions to resolve any problems that you have. You would need a person who could assist to handle your investments gets complex. They will be a mentor, advisory and even a problem solver. They have an upper hand on various important areas like cash flow, control information and ways to boost growth so you have enough time to focus on investor relations, product development and sales.


We are offering array of international services to our clients for audits and accounts etc. With our high level knowledge, we will guide our clients as to how and when the double tax treaties will have an impact on them.

Transfer Pricing

Businesses are growing at high pace across the country and so the company needs to ensure that they are using the transfer pricing strategy for the associate enterprises. We have our expertise team who will ensure everything is under control.

Our technical and industry-specific experienced professional provides strategic guidance to resolve critical matters which involves wide variety of compliance issues, fraud and corruption.  At the time of scrutiny, the organization not only need to analyses the facts but also need to have quick decision making skills too. Our team will carry out forensic analyses of books and records, advanced fraud analytics, digital forensics and also assist the clients with interviews and all necessary procedure as well. We will provide the best service you could ask for.

Employee share options are encouraged to share ownership amongst your employees. This will secure employee’s vested interest in the Company’s success. There are two types of share option schemes: an “approved” or an “unapproved. The company can choose the type depending on the situations and organizational structure. The main difference in them is that the approved schemes would need to meet certain requirement set by the HMRC to avail the tax benefits.

Among various approved schemes, the Enterprise Management Incentive Scheme (EMI) is having more benefits and will motivate to the employees.

If you are someone who needs assistance with HMRC enquiry or with complex investigation, our proficient professionals will provide guidance to resolve your issues. We will assist you with HMRC and guide you through the process. All your concerns will be addressed by our team with our best knowledge. Our aim is to ensure our clients get the proper guidance and advice at the right time. 

Our proficient team has immense experience in various sectors which helps us to provide right assistance. Requirements vary from clients to clients. Depending on your requirement, we will help you with documentations and other related necessary works. We are providing following assistance to our clients:

  • Business Loan
  • Business mortgage 
  • Equity loan
  • Crowd funding 
  • Asset finance
  • Trade finance assistance

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