We can support “high-risk” companies as they apply to SEIS & EIS initiatives.

What are SEIS & EIS?

The UK government seeks to encourage and support high-risk companies in the first stages of fruition by supporting them with SEIS and EIS initiatives.

High-risk companies can receive help from increased funding as the government offers tax relief to those who invest in companies within these schemes.

What companies can apply for EIS and SEIS?

High-risk companies in the initial stages can apply for the SEIS and EIS initiatives. EIS is intended to help small to medium-sized start-ups and SEIS concentrates on businesses in the very early stages.

How Can We Help You with your SEIS and EIS application?

We will be with you every step of the way during your application for the SEIS and EIS government schemes. We will make sure that you are eligible and in the best position to meet all the requirements to qualify. We will liaise with HRMC on your behalf and submit your application after our experts have completed their checks on your suitability and application.

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